Alexandra Grossu

I see the value in sharing vision, taste and all the things I am surrounded with. Beauty is visible everywhere, especially in details. I work in various spheres as a logistics, specifically ground expedites, still find myself hilarious and actively pointing it out at my insta profile. Adore modern arts, pathos and pathetics, music of different styles, mostly rap performance with no kitsch. All in all I would say I find myself as a reactionist.

  • Вік: 26
  • Ви: Інфлюенсер, Талант
  • стать: Жіноча
  • Зріст: 168 / Вага: 48
  • Місто проживання: Київ
  • Кількість підписників: FB <500 / Instagram <10,000
  • Реєстанція : 20.05.2019