10 female models for high budget music video shoot

10 female models for high budget music video shoot
  • ДЕВУШКИ 18 - 30 лет / РОСТОМ от 160 до 185
  • ГДЕ: Киев
  • АКТУАЛЕН ДО: Воскресенье, 19 Декабря 2021
  • Оплата: $ 600

10 attractive and good looking female models from 18 - 30 years old needed for a music video shoot in Kiev. ( Naked and sexy lingerie )

The famous artist group Ballinciaga is coming to Kiev, to shoot their next music video. Ballinciaga is a group of 3 masked and anonymous artists. Known for creating rap inspired party music in their norwegian language and more than 50 million streams on their music. Their lastest single Loud Luxury 2022 is currently topping all the music charts in Norway.

You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/ttVeFq-MZ9A

Now they are coming to Kiev to shoot their next music video.

About the job!
10 models will be selected to be in the video.

Who can apply:
Female models age between 18-30,
Fit body and good figure. Attractive face.
Need to be able to shoot and pose both naked, topless and in lingerie.
Both amateur models and professional models are welcome to apply.
All models need to speak and understand English. All film/photo crew, artist etc are Norwegian and speak english.

(All models will be wearing a pink Balaclava in the video, just like the artist, so your face will not be shown.)
Check YouTube video for inspiration: https://youtu.be/ttVeFq-MZ9A

Scenes in the video:
1: club / party scene with dancing in sexy lingerie and outfit. Different poses.
2: makeout kissing scene, with one of the artist. Touching, kissing. Different artistic poses
3: Bed scene / sex scene with one of the artist. Should look and be acted realistic/naked and with kissing, touching.
4: All 10 models wake up together in bed with all 3 artists after night of big party.

There will be 2 versions of the video 1 censored safe version for YouTube and one uncensored version.

Video and camera will be shot by nvisuals, who have made music videos for artists like Martin Garrix and Post Malone.

Casting and payment:

To apply send us your information, age, full name, portofolio or Instagram, and tell us about yourself.

We will then contact you and invite you for casting.

You will meet the artists in person, do casting and a few pictures and test scenes. Payment 500 uah. Per hour.

Shoot Day 1:
if you are picked from casting, shoot day one individual shoots, kissing and bed scene with artists. Payment 250 $ usd 3-4 hours

Shoot Day 2:
Last day of shooting. Together with all models, party/club scene. Payment 250 $usd

More information about casting, date and location, will you recive after applied.

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